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business is because of the charm and the fact that i love this city. of it -- these big box stores coming in is going to in the long run markell's. i am in support of the legislation. thank you. >> i would like to remind anyone to turn off mobile devices that may sound off during the procedures. >> thank you. i also work for jeffrey's natural pet foods. i moved in 2007 and am happy to have a reason to stay. i was able to walk in to my local pet food store looking for exactly what it is i need. what they carry and other special items i may need them to order. other things i might want them to consider stocking. i was able to find work within the next few weeks at the store and i have been able to earn a living wage since then. i appreciate that opportunity. the small pet stores are receptive to their clients. we know dogs by name and we know clients by name, we know favorite foods, we know inclinations, we know allergies, we know so much about the people who we serve and we're able to do the things they need to serve their animals better and to cover all their needs. even as far as things
is extremely small. and thrls is a really big demand for larger, new homes in san francisco. i've talked to a lot of realtors and of course it's not going to be cheap but there are people who afford to pay for this and they would rather live in san francisco than somewhere on the peninsula or outside san francisco and marin but there isn't a big stock of these homes and buying an older home is a lot more expensive proposition because you buy the older home and have to pay a lot for that and put a lot of money into upgrading a 1925 openly which oftentimes has not been, you know, brought up to date so they're looking for this type of product. and i would agree with staff we need some design changes. this is really knowy valley and know it's on the border with diamond heights but clearly is with nowie valley and it was changed a few years ago and gold mine comes down in a culdesac from diamond heights. but should reflect the style in nowie valley and looked at the stuff that's been built more recently and the ones built in the 1990's wasn't too bad but the single family home built in 2011,
that they claim don't exist. it is the other big reason for doing this. i want to suggest a couple of things need to be added. this is the fourth attempt to develop, does of the site. they tried in the 1950's and 1990's. the letters from former directors saying that the intention has always been to key the golden gate recreation center permanently their as community benefits. i would like to ask in the environmentally superior alternative, the developer has great rendering at his proposal. we're putting up a nice clear fences. it is part of the deal. this is his advantage to keep it ugly. [chime] please include that. >> hello, my name is jill tannenbau. -- tannenbaum. golden gatway was the only place i could find to play tennis and swim and outside. people come to swim and play tennis, socialize, meet people, do things. it is one of the most exciting places in the city during the summer. i would leave the city, because i have nowhere to go. >> i am showing the area along the waterfront. i tried calling of any -- up any eir that had an underground parking garages. there is no eir that has been dev
into the alley in the play yard. we have the expected big earthquake that will be happening soon. there is no unusual condition that says this will stand and hold the equipment has not hold the residents in the surrounding area. the valley itself is traffic from the post office. the people taking shortcuts through this valley. [chime] may i have a few extra minutes? president olague: everyone is allowed three minutes to speak. i did have a couple other speaker cards. >> i live approximately 300 feet from the proposed site. i was at both meetings. i think one problem here is the height problem. at&t says they are putting on top of the building, they're putting on top of the elevator appear in how many more feet? the building is four stories. you have a high dakota and all the sudden, who changed it? at&t says that planning is fine. it is the right height. how could that be? it blocks of the entire golden gate bridge. but that is only my view. and all of my other neighbors from the roof, that is the only access i have to the outside. never mind that we have 420 signatures of regist
the warehouse, i remember everyone talking about, we will never need a place that big. it is too much and we will never need it. 10 years later, we have 100% outgrown it. it doesn't allow us to bring in the kinds of products that our customers want us to bring in. there have been a lot of changes in the industry the last few years like requirements in paper and packaging to be more environmentally friendly and that kind of thing. in order to make that happen, we need more room. they come from the city, [reading names] all of these restaurants, not one of them are a chain. they're all independent restaurants. we are able to make them competitive. because customers drive to our facility, we can offer a discount on products and reverses a conventional distributors. we find ourselves -- and this is sort of the emerald city, so to speak. as andrew mentioned, we have 115 employees. 85 of them are union. with our proposed expansion, we will be adding 25 employees to handle the additional business. the majority of our employees live within 5 miles of where we operate. we have very low turnover. long
to focus on is access to these buildings so we don't get a big dislocation and undercut the economic reason for why we want to do this. going forward we have a lot of coordination and with those kinds of things and how to get the word out and the small businesses and how to put your best foot forward. and i will say due to some of the stacking of what needs to be done, that isn't really fully formed yet. but we have a willing partner in the event authority and we really take to heart, for example, the economic impact study done before the america's cup came with this really great big number on it. you have to do something to make that happen. i think we really see this not just as the america's cup coming but how to ramp up for that and also to create a legacy for the businesses to put their best foot forward and do the work for these teams and visitors and going forward on a more permanent basis. that is the focus we're taking and will want to build that out and put the full picture in front of people and looking at the e.i.r. approval and saying is this something we, the city, wants to mo
the bar it sound fantastic, outside the bar, you really can't hear it. so, you know, big ups on that. yeah, that's basically -- i think i would like the -- i would like the restrictions to be lifted and for her to continue to provide entertainment until 2:00 a.m. and i also remember seeing chris isaac. >> a long time ago. >> those are great shows. president olague: thank you. is there additional public comment? >> good evening, commissioners. my name is christophe moscolonik. i'm coming to you to show my support for ociento having an entertainment license that runs until 2:00 a.m. i'm a deejay and a neighbor. i'm also here on my anniversary to show support. the venue itself, i know how much she invested in the sound system, i also know how much she invested in the soundproofing, specifically to meet the conditioning for the noise ordinance on the street within 30 feet or something along those lines. i also know the volume of the sound will be identical to whether it's a live deejay or an ipod plugged in or a deejay streaming from the studio. that was my idea. there are no conditions for am
by the work of the transition youth task force which told us that big projects don't really work for this population. so we really did intend to support projects that were smaller and more suitable for young adults. the proposal that's been put forth today to reduce the number of units would make this expensive project more expensive in a number of ways. and without boring you too much, i'll just explain a couple of aspects of that. first of all, they've already secured about $4 million in funding from the state. for this project. which is great. they're a very competitive program that's now basically going away. so this was an opportunity of a lifetime for them. they brought the money in. that funding will be reduced if they reduce units. we'll lose about $1s.5 million of that. we may lose it all, because there may be a threshold under their new regulation that is we can't meet. we will also lose what you've heard discussion of, the tax credit equity program, the low-income tax credit. we will get less money from that program if the number of units is reduced, and we will have t
. >> it is big. >> commissioners, this places us on item 11a. 11b, 11c, all for 3020 laguna sereet. >> commissioners, this project is located in an rh-2 zoning district. the project proposes to demolish the existing two-story single family residence and construct a four-story building. i should note the amount of parking will be limited to one parking space. currently it is 0. no additional request for discretionary review has been filed by members of the public. at this time, and additional drilling unit provides a net gain of three bedrooms and -- an additional swelling unit provides a net gain of three bedrooms. staff recommends we do not take discretionary review and approve the demolition. there are various is being requested for this project. at this time, i will be available to answer any questions. thank you. chair miguel: thank you. project sponsored? -- project sponsor? >> good afternoon. i am the architect on the project. i represent my clients who are a young couple with two young children. the existing building is essentially a 1-bedroom and one- bath with one-car gara
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9